Website development

Website and software development is a priority for our company. We use modern programming and design technologies to create websites of any complexity and for any tasks. There are no restrictions on structure, design or functionality. Analyzing existing technologies, we have developed the FlexSolution® software, which we use creating complex corporate websites and online stores. It allows to significantly increasing the speed of the site and provides the convenience of admin panel. At the request of the Customers we can also use alternative CMS systems.
Простой сайт

Simple website

This is the easiest and cheapest way to make yourself known on the Internet. The page can contain different functionality and can be decorated with visual effects (flash or gif animation, parallax, etc.). The main task of a simple website is to publish brief information about the owner, as well as about the services or products that he offers. Such pages often prompt the visitor to action – to call, fill out a questionnaire or send a request. Such one-page sites have gained the stable name landing page. Development of a simple site, its approval by the Customer usually lasts from several days to several weeks, depending on the requirements for design and functionality. So the development costs can be varying several times.

Corporate website

A corporate website, as a rule, contains a large amount of information and has a large number of pages and sections, as well as advanced functionality. It uses news sections, photo and video galleries, various forms of authorization, feedback for visitors and other functions. Design and structure are developed according to corporate requirements of organizations or enterprises and contain company fonts, colors and logos. Using the FlexSolution® CMS in corporate sites allows the Customer’s employees to change the structure and content of the site remotely, as well as to differentiate access rights to various sections of the site.
Корпоративный сайт

Новостной сайт

News Portal

One of the most popular and at the same time one of the most complex multi-page websites with a large number of sections is the newspaper website or the news information portal. This type of site also has its own special functions for convenient publication of news by the content manager, as well as for quick search of articles by visitors. The news portal may contain sections to support authoring blogs, thematic archives of articles, photos and videos. Typically, a site provides users with the ability to comment on articles and other features. You can find examples of news sites in our portfolio.

Online store and E-Commerce

E-commerce is a convenient way to sell any goods. It is difficult to find a product or service that cannot be sold online. The price in the online store can be significantly lower than in traditional supermarkets, due to lower costs for sellers, consultants, etc. A visitor to an online store without leaving home can get all the information about a product he is interested in, compare qualities of goods from different manufacturers, pay for a purchase with a payment card or other methods and receive the goods at home. These features provide the popularity of online shopping, and our company offers online sales solutions. Our portfolio contains a list of successful projects for companies producing and selling completely different products online: household appliances, books, plant seeds, paving slabs, etc.