Integrated systems

Integrated software and hardware systems are widely used in modern enterprises, large warehouses, shops and offices. This greatly improves their efficiency and productivity. Our company provides services for the development and installation of such systems of various scales and purposes. We use the most optimal and modern hardware to solve the tasks as well as the latest solutions of software control systems that allow to achieve great capabilities and reliability of the systems. We can develop and complete the system from scratch, and we can also use existing customer equipment.  

Warehouse and cash accounting

Cash register systems are designed to simplify and automate the processes of keeping records of trade, storage and production for any type of business. Typically, they include a database, user interface, and input / output devices, such as barcode scanners, label printers, cash registers, and bank card readers. Creating a multifunctional accounting system allows you to integrate the work of various departments of the enterprise, accelerate the processes of commodity operations, and also opens up opportunities for the analysis of trade indicators. Within the enterprise, these systems are used by warehouse employees, sales managers, accountants. The development of such systems is carried out taking into account the specifics of the type of activity of enterprises. Integration with other software is possible, for example, with accounting systems (1C, SAP) and online stores.  

Photo and video equipment

Photography and video can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as photographing a product, flaw detection, control of production processes, analysis and pattern recognition, etc. Depending on the task, it is necessary to use the most optimal optical equipment and software for digital processing and correction in order to ensure the best detail, color reproduction and quality. The resulting photo or video data can then be saved for presentation of goods in online stores, catalogs, presentations or studied by the user of the system. The use of the latest machine learning technologies also opens up great opportunities, which allow you to automatically recognize objects and situations in photos and videos, carry out intelligent gluing of images, and build 3D models of objects. The development of photo and video systems involves the selection of hardware elements, ensuring the correct lighting and shooting conditions, as well as the development of a control and analytical code and user interface of the system.  

Developing of mechanical and sensor systems

Sensor and digital control technologies are widely used in many fields, from digital temperature sensors to large-scale automatic control systems. As a rule, they include various sensors that provide monitoring of the situation, a number of mechanical components that perform actions, as well as a controller or microcomputer that performs data analysis and system management. Servo drives, stepper motors, ultrasonic rangefinders or laser are widely used. Such systems can be applied in a wide variety of industries, such as:
  • Management of moving objects (doors, barriers, etc.)
  • Agricultural and agrarian spheres (“smart” greenhouses, hydroponics)
  • Indoor Climate Control Systems
  • Automatic care of plants, such as decorative landscaping
  • Robotics, automation of mechanical processes (manipulators, conveyors)
  • And much more.
In the final, the developed product can be controlled using an ordinary web or mobile application from a personal computer or other device. In view of the wide variety of potential tasks in this area, the developing of such systems can be both simple and quick, or require thoughtful planning.